Monday, May 6, 2013

Cottage-style Townhome - Hepburn

With the townhomes, you get to see so many different elevations in such a compact space

The Hepburn really fits the description of a starter home.  If you don't want a condo, don't want to rent, but don't need tons of space, this fits the bill.  It's only 2 bedrooms, but they're at least large bedrooms.  If it's just 2 of you, what else do you need?  The second bedroom is on the opposite side of the hall so, if used as a guest room, it affords privacy.  The kitchen layout did not make it feel cramped, and the furnishings for rec room in the basement made good use of the small space.  You do miss out on having a garage, so I wonder how bad it will get if a lot of visitors come, or if there are a lot those families with more than 2 cars.  There didn't appear to be too many non-standards for this home, but this house did only have recessed lighting inside.

Front Elevation

Hepburn - 3-level, 2-bedroom townhome (no garage)

This post takes you through the home on the right


 Basement/Lower Level

 The basement is not big in any sense, but the decorators made smart use of the space.  They made it feel like there was a lot you could do.  However, if you have kids this could easily be taken over by the toys, books, and other assortment of items associated with children.

Rec room on the ground/lower level

Lower level bathroom and wall art

Small, functional seating area.  I like the 4-piece map/artwork

Play area for kids (still in rec room) adjacent to the couch

Main Level

The main level consisted of the kitchen, dinette, and living room.  This area did not seem small at all, at least compared to other RH townhomes we've walked through.  We got to see options we haven't yet seen in all our model visits (such as the cabinets and counters).

Kitchen with premier IV appliances, the new cabinet option (I asked about this in an earlier Strauss post), nice backsplash, hi-def laminate counters, under cabinet lighting.  The 4-pane patio door with transom window lets in a lot of light (not sure if this is a non-standard).

Found the answer to the mystery cabinets - they're for the kitchen.  Look at those nice pull handles instead of knobs.

The counters look like a nice alternative for those not wanting granite.  We really liked the backsplash too.

Everything about this kitchen made it feel modern.  I wonder if the handles are a forced option with these cabinets.  For those whohate space in between doors, these cabinets are for you!

It was ncie to see this in person (what we will be getting above our dinette too).  I'm not sure if our dining room chandelier will be 3 or 5 lights.  For those on the blogging circuit, I'm sure you'll recognize those wall pieces.

We liked this sectional.  More ideas when we're finally able to start furniture shopping.

Upper Level

The upper level has 2 bedrooms on opposite ends of the hall.  What you give up in quantity you gain in size (they both felt large).  However, the owner's bathroom did feel small.  I only took pictures of the owner's suite because the other room was setup as the sales office.

They only furnished 1 bedroom in the model (the master/owner suite).  The other was setup as the sales office.

We had yet to see these counter options until we visited the community.  We saw both the sandstone (this) and earthstone (dark brown) vanity tops.  They're much nicer in person than you can imagine staring at that 6"x6" sample.

More bravo lighting

The white soap dish sticks out, glad we elected for the marble shelf.

Miscellanous Pictures

Here are a few extra shots I snapped before heading out of the model.  There were definitely some ideas we could borrow from this model home.  As a quick recap, leaving this model we were glad we got to see a new hardwood option, the hi-def laminate counters, and the new cabinet choices.

Our son asked if we could get one of these.  I already told him we planned to (one of DC and a custom one).  Maybe a RH blogger or blog stalker was hired as the interior decorator?

I wonder why they decided to go with the NY pieces?  Maybe because there's 3.  With how it seems these model decorations tie somewhat to the local community, I was surprised they didn't have the DC one up.

Had to get another shot of this hardwood.  We were bummed they allow this as an option now in the area, but the saddle seems like it's a choice that will stand the test of time.


  1. Any idea on the color of the townhouse next to the Hepburn you toured (#7941)?

    1. No idea on the colors, but I'm sure you can call up the sales center to ask. It's Creekside Village in Glen Burnie, MD.

  2. Townhomes are so much nicer than the one we owned for a few years!

  3. It is a great idea that you are blogging about other models. This weekend my husband and I stopped by a community in Chantilly, VA and they had a three RH models and a NV homes model. It was nice to see four models in the same community. I should have taken pictures and posted them.

  4. Thanks for sharing your Ryan home tours. I think Ryan Homes should hire you or pay you for helping them out :). Good job.